Combing my style of baking to develop an array of products which suit the tastebuds of local Herefordshire people

Why I fell in love with bread. Simple: because everyday I work with life, which means everyday a different outcome, listening to the dough, to the weather, to myself.


And as I tend to get bored pretty much of everything in a short period of time (apart from my wife, obviously... ...), I find baking bread is impossible to get bored of!

I am from Italy, where I trained to be a baker and a pizzaiolo, but I've been living and working as a professional baker in England for quite a long time (enough to be able to read a recipe in English, if I need to!).


This journey has taken me from rural Umbria where I was born, through the hustle and bustle of Rome, where I grew up, via Piedmont where I learnt the ropes of ice climbing, all the way to the UK, and now here in Hereford.

My style of baking shows what I've Iearnt during my journey, combined with my heritage where food must always be respected and enjoyed as much as possible.

With NIZI bakery, I would like to share my style of baking with the Hereford community, and work together to develop an array of products which suit the tastebuds of the local people of Hereford, making the most of the seasons and ingredients here.

When I'm not baking, walking with my family is my favourite activity. For someone who is usually awake overnight, watching the sunset over the British countryside is a very precious gift! (When it's not raining, of course...)

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