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Nizi Artisan Bakery

We are an artisan bakery in the Cathedral City of Hereford which is dedicated to the world of genuine sourdough. Our mission is to supply real bread and pastries of outstanding quality to Herefordshire homes and tables.

When will we be baking?

We will be baking every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will be open from 8am until 4pm. We will be located at 24 St Owen Street, Hereford. In addition to our full range of wholesale bread and pastry items you can also find a wide selection of specials. Follow us on Instagram for weekly updates @nizibakery.

We are taking orders on 07923 831912

What Breads are we baking?

Nizi Sourdough

Our signature loaf. David created this loaf as a way of bringing together the rich flavour of rye with the softness of wheat. This is always on the table at dinner time on Sundays in the Nizi household, ready to be torn into chunks and used to wipe the last of the sauce from the plate (what we call fare scarpetta in Italian).
100% organic - vegan


Soft on the outside, airy on the inside, with the unmistakeable flavour of extra virgin olive oil. We like to bake this so the crust is dark with a hint of caramelisation to contrast with the soft and smooth crumb. 100% Organic - Vegan - Low Salt



A traditional bread from Provence and ideal for a sunny outdoor picnic (or indoor picnic, depending on the British weather). Great with olives, salami, cheese and a glass of bubbly, but not bad at all for tearing into pieces as a quick snack on your way home from work. 100% Organic - Vegan - Low salt


Swan Gold (With Fermented Toasted Millet & Maple Syrup)

We toast and ferment the millet overnight with sourdough and some stunning Swan Gold beer from the Swan Brewery in Leominster. Then we add this mix into the dough at the last minute before shaping. The bitterness of the hops counterbalances the sweet notes of maple syrup, and the crumb is soft and moist. Top-notch with some local cheese.

Siciliano Sourdough

This loaf pays homage to the sunny island of Sicily, where the bread is traditionally covered in sesame seeds. Our version also includes sesame in the dough for a full-on flavour. 100% organic - vegan

Pain Viennoise

Traditionally from Austria, this bread calls for the finest butter in the dough to bring out its potential. At NIZI we use a top-notch AOP French butter from the south-west of France to give you this luxurious and soft roll, delicious filled with cured meats.

Hereford Wild Sourdough

A blend of white, wholemeal, wheat germ and sprouted buckwheat flour. A classic traditional sourdough, the long fermentation process means it lasts well, has depth of flavour, while the buckwheat adds nutritional value and moreishness.
100% organic - vegan


Roasted Garlic & Thyme Sourdough

Who doesn’t love a bit of garlic? The garlic is slow-roasted and then infused into olive oil with thyme before being mixed to create this sourdough loaf.
100% organic - vegan


7 Seeds Sourdough

Forget the 7 dwarves, Snow White would have been better off with a sandwich made with this granary-style loaf containing millet, oats, polenta, rye, sunflower, brown linseeds and golden Linseeds.
100% organic - vegan


Raisin & Rosemary

This combination of flavours is homage to David’s time spent working at the stunning Two Magpies Bakery in Southwold. This is a knockout combo when toasted with your favourite honey spread on top! Let’s spread the word!!
100% organic - vegan


A Very British Sourdough Loaf

This sourdough is made from stone-ground flour from organic tall-straw heritage wheat grown and milled in Northumberland. The salt in the dough comes from the spring of Droitwich, one of the oldest and purest brine springs in the world, and is crystallised using renewable energy.
100% organic - vegan


Pain De Mie

As the story goes, John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich invented the sandwich. During his long hours playing card games he would ask his servants to bring him two slices of bread just like this loaf as a quick bite before continuing his game. For us, the result is the opposite actually—we just can’t stop eating it! It has a soft crust and crumb and buttery flavour…yummy!


Baguette De Tradition Franҫaise

With its unique flavour, at NIZI bakery we love our baguettes ‘bien cuit’, baked for longer for a dark and crunchy crust. It’s the last bread to come out of the oven as it’s best enjoyed as fresh as possible. Vegan

Torte De Seigle  - 100% Rye Sourdough

A traditional rustic loaf inspired by a recipe from the French region of Auvergne. You asked for rye, and you can’t get more rye than this. The natural long-lasting nature of rye is enhanced by the use of rye sourdough starter in this loaf. It keeps really well and is yummy with cheese, or for something a little special try it with seafood (we love it with smoked salmon or mackerel paté). Vegan

Pain au levain 

A classic French Pain au levain made with in the traditional way with stoneground wholemeal flour. What’s unusual about this loaf is the tender crumb and the unmistakeable lingering sour notes that make it perfect for any time and any occasion. Vegan

Pain au cacao

Yes, indeed: Chocolate bread. Flour, water, cocoa powder and….well, chocolate! We use two varieties of dark chocolate: 54% and 66% - the darker chocolate melts into the dough to create truly decadent flavour.

We also do a selection of sweet and savoury pastries and focaccia - check out our Instagram stories to see what's baking.

We are taking orders on 07923 831912


NIZI Bakery

24 St Owen Street

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Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8am until 2pm. (closed Bank Holiday Mondays)

First Saturday of each month 8am until 2pm.


Telephone: 07923 831912


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